How it Works

Streamline your lead management with a technologically superior lead management system

Capture & Validate

Capture leads from your various marketing sources or providers in to one, unified system validating in real time using the proprietary validation engine

Manage Affiliates

Manage unlimited affiliates, track their lead quality, ROI and volume metrics. Set caps, automate reporting and give them a portal to log in to and view their own dashboard.

Powerful Delivery

Multiple methods to deliver and distribute leads to your clients, call center or CRM in real time with comprehensive error reporting to troubleshoot any unforeseen errors.

Real-Time Reporting

Access reports online in real-time and view data the way you want it. Clean, clear and concise. Individual reporting dashboards for each user giving them what they need, when they need it.

One Lead Platform to Rule Them All

What can it do?

A platform that takes the management out of lead generation & delivery

Who are we and why are we good?

We know what it means to fix a bug, make a tweak or find a fundamentally better, faster way to analyze data. We'll never stop listening to customers and we'll never stop seeing the world from their point of view.

Convero is a SaaS Lead Management platform bringing Lead Validation, Affiliate Management, Lead Distribution and Call Tracking all into one unified platform. Unifying these business functions under one platform connects data normally found separated into silos, simplifies business processes and provides easily scalable solutions for businesses to grow.

Discover the powerful features, benefits and flexibility of Convero today!

Industries using our platform

We believe our product can be used in any vertical... these are the verticals that are making it work, now

  • Finance 90%

  • Insurance 70%

  • Real Estate 60%

  • Software 40%

Why Choose Us?

Think about all the countless hours spent that could be used more efficiently and effectively. Picture a seamless, streamlined automated marketing system that gives your business the competitive edge you need to succeed.

With Convero, you can customize your duplicate check process, field validation and verification based on your business industry. Our filter tool enables you to filter leads based on a specific offer or a specific campaign, which gives you the power to control and manage performance.

Convero provides you the freedom to set your delivery schedule for each client or campaign as well as to control the lead caps by different time interval. Lead caps can be managed daily, weekly or monthly.

Key Features

Duplicate Check

Benefit from advanced customizable duplicate checking rules, making sure you never lose a valid lead

Lead Verification

Verify true phone numbers, street addresses and email addresses against real time valid data checks

Two way integration

Get back the conversion data related to the leads you delivered to your clients or CRM and measure affiliates or campaign performance. Easily upload a spreadsheet to match the leads or use our advanced API.


Leads Managed


Leads Invalidated




Reports Generated

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